Reaching Nicaragua

We humbly ask for your help! Many know that Hegeman Ministries International Foundation, Inc.  is used as an avenue to share the gospel while simultaneously meeting the humanitarian needs of the Indigenous People in Central America. What many do not know however, is that every, single penny donated is used toward their mission goals, and that every, single person involved in the ministry is a volunteer who donates their time and their services, including Bill and Linda themselves. What is even more astounding, is that Bill and Linda Hegeman have also personally funded mission trips when called to do so. They understand their duty, as Christians, to fulfill the Great Commission, and they take the calling on their lives seriously. They have an eagerness to serve and a willingness to involve all their available resources to complete their mission, whether it be of themselves, their time, or their money. They are “all in” for the advancement of God’s Kingdom!

God spoke to the hearts of the Hegeman’s many years ago, and through their obedience, He has always made provisions for the success of their ministry.  For many years, even before the formation of Hegeman Ministries International Foundation, Inc.,  Bill and Linda had been a part of many great works in Central America, from the development and implementation of water and sewer systems, to supplying food for multitudes, to providing free medical care for the indigenous people, to holding pastoral seminars and providing resources for the continued teaching of the gospel, including the distribution of thousands of bibles over the years, to the most glorious part, the opportunity to witness to, and be a part of, thousands of souls receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior throughout the years in the missionary field! The work has been mighty, and the Hegeman’s stand in awe of what God has done in Central America through their ministry, but there is much work still to be done. Bill and Linda feel that God has been leading them to Nicaragua.

So many times, while ministering in Costa Rica, people from Nicaragua would hear about the arrival of Hegeman Ministries and would send people to plead for them to come. The need and calling on the Hegeman’s heart became so great that they knew they needed to go, and so they began asking for God to make provisions for their ministry to enter Nicaragua and to see what the need was, and as always, through their obedience to God’s will for them, He provided.

Their very first ministry experience in Nicaragua was in San Francisco Libre, where they held their first mini pastoral seminar. The hunger for God’s word was great! In attendance were 338 church leaders who were from a melting pot of church denominations, and they were not concerned about church affiliation in the slightest, instead they cared only for the teaching and learning of the truth that came directly from the word of God. The Hegeman’s marveled at the sight, and proclaim that they had never before witnessed such a hungry group for the word of God.  People came from all around; they came in on cattle trucks and by foot, and they stayed for days to hear God’s word.

Soon following, the Human Rights Commission of Nicaragua approached Bill and Linda and requested that Hegeman Ministries embark on a medical mission to reach the Rama and Kriol Indians, of the Reserva Biologica Indio Maiz, to assist them with their medical needs. The Hegeman’s, full of faith in their belief of God’s will for them to reach these people, agreed to go. And so, the opportunity to share Jesus and to provide aid to the people of Nicaragua is at hand!

On February 18, 2017, a mission to hold three pastoral seminars will begin in Nueva Guinea, Santo Tomas, and Juigalpa with an expectancy of 450 pastors in attendance. Soon after, the missionaries will begin their travel east from Nueva Guinea to their meetings with the Rama-Kriol People. The journey is several hours from civilization and the missionaries will be carried by four-wheel drive vehicles and then by canoe to bring Jesus to the indigenous population and to begin their medical mission.

Your help is needed to accomplish the upcoming tasks in Nicaragua. Faithful prayer partners, volunteers, and financial support are all crucial for the success of this ministry, and whether you commit to pray for us, travel with us to participate in the medical clinics, dental clinics, sharing of the gospel, pastoral seminars, providing food, construction to complete projects, or if you provide financial support to this mission, YOU are important! Above all else, we believe that there is nothing more rewarding than to be a part of the winning of souls to our Lord Jesus Christ! Please listen as God speaks to your heart about how you can be an active partner in this dynamic ministry! Thank you for your support and God Bless!

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