Whatever It Takes

Whatever it takes to promote the gospel. That is what Bill and Linda Hegeman have lived by since they began this journey so many years ago, when God first called them to be couriers of his word. But what does that mean exactly, “to do whatever it takes to promote the gospel?” I can tell you what it does not mean. It does not mean to compromise the message of the gospel in any way, nor to change the truth even the slightest bit to satisfy anyone, it does not mean to be like a chameleon who changes with each new scenery the message and methods that are delivered, and it certainly does not mean to compromise or adjust the word of God to please any audience. This is the standard in which the Hegeman’s have cleaved to, and in doing so, God has made provisions for them to complete his work in a mighty way!
Missionary work is nothing new to Bill and Linda. Their duty to fulfill the Great Commission, year after year, began decades ago as they passionately shared the gospel, while building furniture for churches in Mexico, as team members to their friends, Pastor Sam Austin and his Milan Tennessee Assembly of God Church. As Christians, they understand the clarity of God’s command for us to go forth and to spread his word. Mark 16:15 NKJV- “and he said to them, Go, into all the world and preach the gospel to every culture.” To better understand God’s vision for their ministry today, an introduction of sorts is necessary; an introduction to a time where God opened the door of opportunity for the Hegeman’s to establish their ministry for the advancement of his kingdom.
This door of opportunity opened roughly 18 years ago, when the Hegeman’s began believing God to provide the means for them to return to the missionary field, because their travels to Mexico had ceased. God indeed provided, as he often does, but what was unclear to Bill and Linda at the time was that God was preparing them for something much larger than they had originally thought. The way came by that of a man who visited the Hegeman’s local church, Bell’s Chapel Assembly of God. This visit was by an appointee of the Assemblies of God, who assisted the LACC (Latin America Child Care) schools of Costa Rica, and he came to tell of the many great needs in Central America as he sought out volunteers to help.
Bill and Linda knew that this was what they had been believing God for, and joined without hesitation. Soon afterwards, they discovered that not only were the needs of the people in Central America indeed great, but the hunger for God’s word was also strong. They seized the opportunity to use the need of the people as a vessel to promote the gospel, and before long they were part of a missionary group that frequented Costa Rica, almost every three months, to complete new and seemingly continuous projects.

The Hegeman’s were honored to assist in God’s vast plans for Costa Rica. Their missionary group helped in mighty ways by building numerous churches, restoring schools, building sidewalks, developing water and sewer systems, feeding multitudes of people, conducting Pastoral Seminars and providing resources to hundreds for the teaching of the gospel; including the distribution of hundreds of bibles at a time, supplying free medical care to literally thousands, and most importantly, assisting in the salvation of souls also numbering in the thousands. It was evident that God’s hand was on the missionary work being completed in Central America, and Bill and Linda marveled and praised God for the miracles and movement of the Holy Spirit through the land. The Hegeman’s knew that they were doing their duty to spread God’s word and to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the indigenous of Central America, but God soon began to reveal why he placed them in Costa Rica. The Hegeman’s were shown that God needed someone faithful, steadfast, and willing to step in, when the time arose, and finish the work that was promised to the people, and Bill and Linda were who He had chosen.
When the time came for Hegeman Ministries to begin, in succession with the initial work in Costa Rica, they were faithful. A church had been promised to the people and Bill and Linda stepped in to complete it. That is when the larger plan that God had on their lives, in the missionary field, became abundantly clear. In 2004, Hegeman Ministries was officially formed, in 2005, a board of directors was organized and Hegeman Ministries International Foundation (HMIF) was approved, and on March 21, 2006, HMIF received approval for a 501C-3 nonprofit status in the United States, and became a source to aid in the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the indigenous people of Central America. Much work has been done to glorify God and to make Christ known to all men since their ministry began, and there is much work still to be done.
The Hegeman’s are planning a trip to Nicaragua on February 18,2017. Their work in Central America has manifested, and they have been asked to hold Pastoral Seminars as well as to embark on a medical mission campaign to reach the Rama and Kriol Indians of the Reserva Biologica Indio Miaz, of Nicaragua. This trip is mighty, because it will help them to reach people who have been considered the “forgotten,” because they are so far from civilization. This trip will allow them to continue to Glorify God and make Jesus known to the unreached.

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